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Pet Vet
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Dr Sodiwal

Rolling Hills Animal Hospital

(330) 225-6336
714 Pearl Rd # B | Brunswick, OH 44212

9:00a – 1:00p and 4:00p – 7:00p

9:00a – 1:30p

Services & Products

  • Preventive care, vaccinations & screenings

  • Dental Cleanings

  • Laser Therapy

  • Pet Food

  • Medication

  • Surgery

  • Grooming

5-star review

We have brought all three of our pets here on short notice. The Dr. is very kind and always makes time for our animals. He has treated our tiny puppy, our Siamese cat and tonight we called AFTER BUSINESS HOURS for our Boston Terrier because he was stung by a wasp and suddenly swelled up and couldn’t walk! The Dr. waited a half an hour for us to get there after they were closed because he is a nice person and knew we were upset. He treated our dog and didn’t even charge us a ridiculous amout like most emergency vets would. I highly recommend Rolling Hills. The vet tech is very nice too.

Cathy Gasper, Google

5-star review

My cat was very sick and my own vet clinic told me to go back to the emergency room (where I would have to be charged $1500 for an x ray, blood work and emergency room fee). I called Rolling Hills and although they had no open appointments and were not my regular vet, they said I could bring him in immediately. Doc was very attentive and gave an in depth explanation of everything he would need to do, gave me a cost estimate up front and took the time to explain the x-rays he’d be sending to the radiologist. My visit here saved me $1200 and I felt like my cat and I were in really great hands!

Jen R, Google

Good doctor very nice and reasonable

Todd Ashworth, Google

Knowing that dental problems are a common thing and that our rabbit was getting old, Rolling Hills offered us a surgery option that fit our budget and allowed us to enjoy our rabbit for 15 more months until another issue arose and we had to put him to sleep. I’m so happy with their care and kindness…thank you Rolling Hills Animal Hospital!!!!

Tammy D, Yelp

I have 3 dogs and have been going to Rolling Hills for 7 years now. Outstanding care! My German Shepard had the worst skin due to allergies. He bled constantly from biting and scratching. The Dr. started him on allergy shots and he is so much better and has very nice skin and coat. They do whatever they can to get you in quickly. They also board your animals as well. They are the best!!!!

Rick & Karen Thompson, Facebook